Maternity Milk Bath- Morgan

Magical, a dream, flawless… call it what you want because Morgan’s Maternity session was all of the above! I’m sure by now you have all seen or heard about this wildly popular trend; the milk bath. Well, I was quite fascinated with these photos I had seen by other photographers. I knew that I had to try it for myself.

I’m always up for a good challenge- but this was beyond a challenge. You might think that the almost an hour and a half to set up my lights, run the bathwater, mix in the milk, cut the flowers off the steams, and prepare Morgan would be the most challenging part… but what kind of story would this be if it ended there? After finally setting up, I had Morgan get into the tub. The first problem we ran into was the water level was way too high, she was submerged and we couldn’t even see her baby bump! After we drained some water out, we tried to do the first post. OK guys, truth time- this is NOT as easy as the photos make it look! Bathtubs are slippery. Trying to hold yourself up, pose, and still look good in photos is super tricky. We ended up putting a towel in the bottom of the tub to help give her some traction/grip. You’d never know though!

After we finally got the first pose down, it was time to add the flowers. So that was a super challenge. They floated for the most part, but they mostly did their own thing; including but not limited to flipping upside down, starting to drown, drift out of frame, and end up in some awkward places. At this point, the whole process had been maybe 2 and half hours. We figured out that in order to get the flowers to stay, somewhat, still Morgan had to be completely still and not move the water! Props to her because I know I can’t sit still for that long! We finally got it down and switched the pink flowers out for purple ones. BAM! Purple flowers popped and added so much more contrast!

We also played around with outfits. I ended up liking the white tulle the best! The way it flowed in the water made for such a soft elegant effect. Morgan was such a beautiful model for these photos! Not only is she stunning, but so is her adorable daughter that ended up joining us for the milk bath session. She was watching the whole time so patiently and helping me set up; such a sweetie! When we switched the flowers to pink roses I had Lillian get in with he mom and the results did not disappoint! I did some of just Lillian and let me tell you- she is bound to be a model! Her eyes are so gorgeous and she’s got the ‘vogue’ face down! At the end of the session, we had some fun with Lillian and did a milk bath with Fruit Loops instead of flowers- so cute! But don’t take my word for it… Take a look!

I’ve got another milk bath set up for this week and I am super excited!

❤︎ Tara T

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