Ticen Family

Hello again! Today’s post is a family, and a pretty cute one if I do say so myself. You know I’m a sucker for anything western or country; so when my clients showed up in jean jackets, cotton dress, and boots… you could imagine my excitement! And to top it all off, it was not just one cute country outfit, but 3! Mama and her two sweet girls!

Besides the weather being a little warm, the shoot went as planned and we got some great shots for Paul and Andrea. We started out by some beautiful yellow flowers which were in full bloom, and my first thought was, ‘how cute would it be to have the girls put flowers in their hair!’ So you know what I did? I put flowers in their hair! The girls loved them and they looked great! We moved on to a cute little stream that runs through the park, but more importantly a very cool tree for the girls to climb! A white dress isn’t always the proper tree climbing attire, but hey when you’re 7, it works just fine!

We adventured all through the park and I, as usual, got pricked, poked, and stabbed by the beautiful wildlife the desert offers us. But I couldn’t be the only one who got to enjoy this aspect of out beautiful Arizona landscape, so I had this adorable family pop a squat in this beautiful grassy field (which was more like weeds, twigs, and thistles) but they were more than willing- which I love about my clients! They trust me and do pretty much whatever I ask of them. #DoItForThePhotos #WorthIt.

And when you start using hashtags in your blog post, you know it’s time to stop typing and show you what you’re all here for! Take a look at the adorable photos from the Tiecn Family:

❤︎ Tara T

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