State Fair Shoot

I know every time I do a shoot I say it’s my new favorite shot… but you guys, for real this time! I’m obsessed with these photos from the state fair! My girls rocked it. It was really loud with people talking, the carnival game music blasting, and the screams of children on the rides. I attempted to shout poses and use hand gestures and fake sign language to move them, but a lot of if was candids and them posing themselves! Well done!

Shout out to Dylan for finding us Unicorn Cotton Candy! I sent him on a mission to find cotton candy that came on a stick/cone and not just stuffed in a plastic bag. Not only did he come back with BLUSH PINK cotton candy, but UNICORN style (which means sprinkles and a twisted lollypop as a horn). So stinking cute! Literally I don’t know how I would do it without him.

From unicorn cotton candy, to carousel rides we had a lot of fun! I had them sitting at one of the carnival games and the guy running the booth was on his microphone shouting at us “SELFFFIIIIEEEE” and he said “How about if you’re not taking photos you play the game?!” We just ignored him haha.

Besides almost loosing my voice, the whole thing was perfect. Amazing lighting the whole time, gorgeous models, and the colors and everything going on at the fair was just stunning. Take a look:

Are they not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!!

❤︎ Tara T

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