Hannah – Basha HS

We all know how life gets crazy, well I think this year so far has been my most crazy year yet! As a fast paced college student, I don’t take the ordinary recommended 12 credit hours. No way! Instead I take 18 credit hours, that’s 6 courses. It’s a lot of work; but the sooner I graduate the sooner I can start working full time, yay! There were a few weeks before summer started when I was double booked every weekend with seniors; which is amazing I can’t thank you enough! So if you’ve had a session with me you know it takes about 2 weeks to edit the photos and get them back to you. No big deal, right? Well on any normal week during the year, yes no big deal. But what comes just before summer… FINALS WEEK. So 6 courses, 6 finals, 8 sessions to edit, plus, I had to pack up my apartment and move! So clearly school came first. My clients came second, and then I was able to get an extension on my move out date. As a result, I have not been able to blog about my senior sessions, nor have I been able to update my Facebook page. Boo!

“But it’s summer so you have plenty of time now to do it, right Tara?” I wish that were the case… but summer is pretty packed too! Going back to graduating early, I’m taking 14 credit hours this summer; just to give you some perspective on how much that really is, my academic advisor thinks I’m crazy. Which I guess I am because 4 classes with about 6 hours of work each day… I’ll let you do the math (it’s 24 hours a day). But it will be ok and it will be worth it!

Now, I’m sure you all came here today to read about me, right? Ya, didn’t think so! Let me tell you about a senior then J

Hanna was so fun to photograph because she brought someone very special to her shoot with her; she brought her horse Lilly. This made me so happy when we first were setting up her session and she asked if she could do some with her horse, um HECK YES! And I’m so glad she did because not only did the photos turn out amazing, but it was fun and gave my portfolio some new pizazz!

Portraits with a horse; easy peasy right? I was hoping so, but if you’ve ever tried to take a photo of your pet, you know it’s not. Animals don’t like to sit still and they don’t know how to pose for a photo, unless it’s on those ridiculously photogenic animal posts. Needless to say most of our photos with Lilly were action shots! Plus when she would stand in one place, the flies would bug her, or some horses would walk by and excite her. I think given the circumstances we got some amazing shots, Hannah was able to work and move with Lilly to get just where I wanted her, props to her for that!

Like any photo session in Arizona in April, it tends to be a little… warm. Ok a lot warm! I know by the end of the shoot I was a sweaty mess, but some how Hannah still looked perfect! You go girl! Take a look at Hannah’s session:

More seniors coming soon!

❤︎ Tara T

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